The Premier Boxing Gym located in Austin's Hill Country! Featuring Coach "Ezzard" Charles Adams!

Our founding head coach, Charles Adams, grew up in the tough 4th Ward of Houston, TX. The toughness that those streets instilled in Coach Adams is what we hope to instill in our fighters and students. The desire to push through adversity and improve your fitness and get true boxing skills. Boxing at 4th Ward Boxing Gym is intentionally challenging and is on par with what you would expect in a professional boxing setting.

If you do the work, you will see the benefits!

We had our first training session in the gym on 27 Jan 2021!!!

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At 4th Ward Boxing, we want to keep alive the true, pure practices of boxing: for fitness, for competing and for self-defense.

If you want to participate in extremely challenging high intensity training sessions, boxing as a fitness practice will improve you with functional strength and coordination as well as, cardio and pulmonary benefits. It is challenging to start and as you train and gain experience becomes even more challenging!!

If you want to compete in boxing, we have training sessions available for "fighters only"(people that are interested in stepping inside the "squared circle"). Coach Adams was a professional fighter in the Golden Age of Welterweights and brings advanced knowledge and experience that will sharpen any fighter to a dangerous edge. Coach Adams' approach creates fighters that are ready and capable to display the sweet science!

If you want to learn boxing for self-defense, you could participate in either the "fighter's sparring" classes or the non-sparring classes.

Boxing is one of the oldest striking sports/styles in the world tracing its origins back 3000 years or more. The advent of MMA style sports has shown boxing to be the chosen "Stand-up" style for the majority of fighters - chosen above all of the other striking styles for its effectiveness and brutality and is very effective as a hand-to-hand self-defense method.

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Head Coach "Ezzard" Charles Adams


Skills Coach and Owner Eddy Ferguson


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Gym location: 11210 US-290 Suite A-200, Austin, TX 78737

Gym phone: 512-655-3368